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Welcome To

West Coast World Martial Arts

West Coast World Martial Arts in Ogden, Utah is happy to provide a home away from home.

Our training environment is rooted in positivity and our community is united by a passion for self-improvement. Together we grow through encouragement and motivation. There’s no need to be nervous because we train at your individual pace and comfort. Even if you think you’re not the right age or stature – we’ll prove to you that you’re capable. Take a break from work and school to become a happier, better version of yourself today!

What Are People Saying?

  • We are always so impressed with the hard work, discipline and encouragement found at this school!

    Janelle I.


  • Friendly staff who focus on the needs of their students to help everyone achieve more as a team and as individuals.

    Rachel P.


  • Our family just started class there, and we are loving it.

    Josh H.

    Parent & Student

  • I like the energy here. It's awesome. Master Chris is amazing. He does a fantastic job!

    Manny H.


Get To Know West Coast World:

About Us:

West Coast World is the academy where you’ll discover your full potential. Our experienced instructors provide top-quality training and care for each student. The attention we provide is made apparent through individualized lessons, class Mat Chats, and endless encouragement. Our community is heavily involved because there’s always something for everyone. We train students as young as three and a half years old and offer a variety of experiences through our classes. With determination, hard work, and West Coast World by your side, success is at your fingertips!

Our History:

West Coast Worlds owner Chris Erickson has trained his entire life under Grandmaster Ernie Reyes, founder of the WCWMA Association. As Chris trained he discovered his passion and love for all kinds of martial arts and teaching. He strived to make a positive change and celebrate the successes of the community through martial disciplines. West Coast World was established in 2010 and has grown to have over 50 students today.


At West Coast World, we stand apart from the crowd. Here are a few of the advantages of our martial arts training that you won’t find elsewhere:

  • Friendship

    Everyone is a team member at West Coast World Martial Arts. We help each other achieve goals and revel in camaraderie.
  • Family-Oriented

    West Coast World Martial Arts takes pride in hosting events for the entire family so everyone feels welcomed into our community.
  • Growth

    We strive to improve all aspects of ourselves through martial arts. You advance in accordance with your goals to ensure beneficial training.
  • Empowerment

    Our core philosophy is to give you the confidence to work hard and persevere through challenges.
  • Passion

    Our community is devoted to improvement and growth. Training positively changes your lifestyle in all aspects.