West Coast World Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts

At West Coast World Martial Arts, we offer a dynamic and exciting Kids Martial Arts program designed to instill valuable life skills and foster physical development in children. Our Kids Martial Arts classes focus on the principles of discipline, respect, and self-confidence while providing a safe and supportive environment for young learners to thrive.

Through age-appropriate training techniques and engaging activities, we aim to nurture their passion for martial arts, enhance their focus and coordination, and promote a healthy lifestyle. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to helping kids build a strong foundation in martial arts while having fun and building lasting friendships within the martial arts community.

Kids Martial Arts Program

Kids Self Defense

In our Kids Beginners Self Defense program, we actively prioritize the safety and well-being of our young students. We achieve this by teaching them essential self-defense skills tailored to their age group.

This program is carefully designed to introduce children to practical self-defense techniques, equipping them to protect themselves in various situations. Our dedicated instructors, who are both caring and patient, focus on building confidence and assertiveness in kids, while ensuring they fully grasp the importance of personal boundaries and safety.

Through an emphasis on non-violent conflict resolution and effective defensive moves, our Kids Beginners Self Defense classes empower children to feel secure and well-prepared to handle any challenges they may encounter in everyday life. Furthermore, these skills serve as a solid foundation for their future personal growth and development.



Little Dragons (4-6)

Our Lil’ Dragons program is for 4-6 year olds and offers a fun, upbeat, and empowering environment while still holding firm and fair expectations for our younger students as they work on developing their focus and concentration

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