The Drills And Physical Activities In Our Ninja Turtles Class Are Fun And Easy To Follow.

This fun-filled half-hour class teaches necessary martial arts skills to pre-school aged students to strengthen motor skills, concentrate and attention, and gain respect for themselves and others.

Help Your Child Learn, Focus, And Respect With Lil' Dragons

Lil 'Dragons lessons emphasize learning fine and gross motor skills as well as character development and concentration. All teaching is packed into a 30-minute class to optimize the students ' progress.

Learn The Best Aspects Of Fitness And Self-defense In Our Junior program

Junior program helps build stamina, cardiovascular health, and flexibility. More than anything else, the Junior program is the way to master self-defense techniques. It also teaches children the art of self-discipline, listening, teamwork while also boosting self-esteem and confidence.

Our junior program focuses on the same mixed martial arts curriculum as our adult program, including Korean taekwondo, American boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing, personal self-defense tactics, jiu-jitsu, and Filipino stick & knife combat, but at a much slower, child-friendly speed.

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